Harper and Green


Clients include:

Windsor Racecourse, Windsor.
Meridian Television, Southampton.
3M UK.
Victoria & Albert Museum, London.
Smallbone Kitchens, London/Devises.
Shepperton Studios, London.
Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Bonaldo SPA, Italy.
Scribbler, London.
Mo-Billy, London.
Keens, High Wycombe.
Wycombe District Council.
Aylesbury Vale District Council.
New Deal Skates, London.
Burbidge, Coventry.
Gizmo Animation Limited, Lincolnshire.
Loop Interiors, Marlow.
The Buck Partnership, London.
Alex Hellum Designs, London.
Paperchase, London.
IPD Design, London.
Marlow Rotary Club.
Gilmore Space, London.
Headline Video Facilities, Reading.
Wolftek, Eastbourne.